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Upcoming Workshops

9.-10.11.2017, Hedicke's Terracotta, Konstanz

Venue: Hedicke's Terracotta, Konstanz.

Day 19.11.2017
Coffee and snacks
Carlos Alós-Ferrer (Speaker)
14:30David Dickinson (Appalachian State University)
Bayesian Versus Heuristic-Based Choice Under Sleep Restriction and Suboptimal Times of Day
15:30Julia Felfeli (Zeppelin University)
The Effects of Ego-Depletion on Confidence in Own Skills
16:30Coffee Break
17:00Manoj Thomas (Cornell University)
How Mode of Payment Affects Consumption
18:00End of Day 1
20:00Dinner in Konstanz (Il Boccone)
Day 210.11.2017
10:00Michele Garagnani (University of Cologne)
Who Is a Reinforcer, Who Is Bayesian? A Comparison of Behavioral Rules in a New Belief-Updating Task
11:00Coffee Break
11:30Todd Hare (University of Zurich)
Examining Choice Dynamics by Dissociating Weighting and Timing in Multi-Attribute Decisions
12:30Lunch and get-together



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